Has This Happened to You?
You just purchased a pair of Easyboot Epics and took them out for your first ride and the gaiter ripped. The main reason for gaiters to rip like this is because the boot is too big in either the width or the length or both. When the boot is not a snug fit it causes the hoof to move up and down in the boot putting pressure on the gaiter which causes it to tear.

Easy Fixes
If your Epic, Bare or Edge is a little too big in either the width or length a quick solution is to put a pair of our 12mm Comfort Pads in the bottom of the boots to help size it up. Another easy fix if your boot is a little too big in the length if it is a Bare or Epic is to change out the backstrap to a size smaller.

Sizing Question? Call Us!
As always, if you have any questions regarding your boot sizing or need help with determining the correct size for your horse please call the EasyCare customer service at 1-800-447-8836.

Shari Murray


Customer Service

If you call the customer service help desk, you’ll probably get me on the phone! I process repairs, returns, credits and exchanges that come into EasyCare.