Most of us are currently on full lock-down on our properties. Some of us are lucky enough to have our horses onsite where we can still interact with them in some way during these strange times. Some of you may be working from home, catching up on unfinished housework, or just enjoying the world slowing down for once. When boredom sets in and cabin fever is unbearable, though, here are some ideas on how to do some “spring cleaning” with your hoof boots.

Inventory Appraisal

If you are like me, you have more than one pair of boots piled up somewhere. This is a great time to take inventory of your hoof boots. In fact, while you are at it, take inventory of all of your tack/horse supplies. I went hunting for a surcingle the other day and discovered more saddle pads than one person with two horses needs. It was a good wake-up call that proves that out of sight often is out of mind.

Ask yourself:

*Do you have boots that fit the horses you currently own?

*Do you need to re-measure your horse’s hooves?

*Do you need to replace a boot? (Try looking at our Certified Used boots for an affordable replacement.)

*Do you have boots that need some repairs?

*Do you have the types of boots that suit your current booting needs?


Many of our boots have interchangeable parts. You can order boot accessories from a local dealer or directly from EasyCare if you have a boot that needs some new parts. We have quite a few resources through blog instructions or step-by-step videos. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know and we will get you the materials you need.

*Having trouble? Screws misbehaving? Give our Product Specialist Team a call at 800-447-8836. We have handled most boot issues personally either through training or our own boots at home and would be happy to trouble shoot or offer helpful tips!*

Don’t know whether to repair your boot or just replace it? Check out our tips explained in this blog, Repair or Replace?

Spring Cleaning

If you are like me and just throw your boots into a corner after you’re done riding, it may be a good time to pull them out. Dust them off, brush them out, wash them off… whatever level of cleaning that is needed to get them looking good again!

*Washing tips: Simple Green is your friend! Or dish soap. (More information here in Best Cleaner for Easyboots: Dawn or Simple Green?)*

*Use a tool that does the hard work for you! Hard bristles, warm water, good soap.*


Where have your boots been stored all this time?

Did you know that because the boots are made of a polyurethane material, they can dry-rot or crack over time? Think of a rubber band left in your office drawer for a year. What happens when you go to use it? It is often too brittle to use and it breaks.

Using your boots actually helps with longevity of the boot. Even just a little bit.

Keep your boot in a dry place where the temperature can be controlled as much as possible. Again, this material is sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. Extreme heat and extreme cold can be really hard on the boots. Just keep that in mind. I keep mine in an EasyCare Gear Bag in my horse trailer.

Have you gotten any “spring cleaning” done in your barn or tack room? Let us know what activities you’ve been up to during this time when most of us are stuck at home.