Customer Question:

I need Easyboot Sneakers in size 2. It seems like they are out of stock everywhere. How long until they are back in stock?


We are expecting a shipment of Sneakers to arrive soon, and we are anxiously awaiting more of our shipments to bring the rest of our product line back in stock, as well.

We understand the frustration some of our customers are feeling when they aren’t able to get the hoof protection their horses need. The shipping delays are frustrating on our end, as well, but there’s nothing more we can do to speed up the process due to the current global supply chain shortages.

Here’s an interesting explanation of the underlying issues within the global supply chain that are contributing to these shortages, according to

“For years, the manufacturing industry has been focused on cost cutting and efficiency by implementing just-in-time manufacturing processes and operating with as few outside partners as possible while still meeting demands. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed how brittle global supply chains had become. Low cost and efficient supply chains have a difficult time responding to change and recovering from disruption. Although the effects of the pandemic only represent a small percentage of any global supply chain’s risk, the increase in demand and supply variability caused parts and materials shortages, shipping delays, and rising costs. The pandemic was the final straw that broke many global supply chains, making it extremely difficult for manufacturers to fulfill orders using the supply chain they currently had.”

This is a port in China overloaded with shipping containers waiting to be loaded and shipped. Ocean carriers have been skipping calls to some of these ports because of congestion and lack of equipment availability, which delays their shipment schedules.