Customer Question:

I was looking at the new Sneaker boots for mostly turnout (they live on gravel here in the winter) and pleasure riding. I measured my horse’s feet and they are wider than they are long. None of the sizes in this boot account for that.

Right W 128mm, L 108mm. Left W 125mm, L 115mm. Any suggestions for boots?


Unfortunately we do not have any boot styles that are wider than they are long, so none of our styles will fit your horse’s hooves perfectly.

You could try the Regular pattern in the Sneaker or the Wide pattern in the Back Country. Those would be the two styles that would have the least amount of extra length in them. We do have customers that use these styles for hoof shapes similar to your horse’s. If it’s necessary, they will put padding in the toe of the boot to take up some of that extra space so the hoof doesn’t slide.

Because the width of your horse’s hooves is the larger measurement, you would need to get the boot sizes that would best fit that width. For the Sneaker I would recommend a size 2 in the Regular pattern for both hooves. For the Back Country I would recommend a size 1.5 in the Wide pattern for both hooves.