Customer Question:

Any ideas on how my farrier can use EasyCare products to help fix a quarter crack on my mustang?


We always recommend getting advice from a veterinarian and/or a farrier who can see your horse in person, and who has professional experience with this kind of issue.

We can only offer general advice. First, we recommend cleaning the crack and keeping it as clean as possible. If there is any infection present, the hoof will likely continue to split.

The best way to fix a quarter crack is to trim the foot to relieve the pressure from the crack. If the crack is under pressure, it will be difficult to let it grow back together.

Once you have completed the trim, you could use a boot or a glue-on. Either one will work. If it is a debilitating crack, you could use a shell to help hold it together, but the trim still needs to be correct first. The boot or shoe is secondary.

The EasyShoe Versa Grip is a great option to help with this issue.