Customer Question:

My vet has recommended the Easyboot Cloud for my laminitic pony who is really struggling right now. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to fit into the size chart. She was just trimmed 5 days ago, and her left hoof is 3 inches x 3.5 inches, and her right 3.25 inches x 3.5 inches. Do you have any suggestions as to a boot that could possibly fit her and help her?


First, let’s convert those hoof measurements to millimeters to compare size charts a little easier. The left hoof is about 76 x 89 mm, and the right hoof is about 82 x 89 mm (according to a google conversion calculation).

The smallest Cloud fits hooves 89-99 mm wide by 102-112 mm long. You’re correct this would not be a good fit for your pony, unfortunately.




The Easyboot Mini can be a great option for ponies and miniature horses, but the largest Easyboot Mini fits hooves 66-76 mm wide by 73-86 mm long. This boot is just barely too small for your pony.



Because the Cloud is too big and the Mini is too small, that only leaves us one Easyboot option that will be a good fit. The Easyboot Epic comes in a Pony size that fits hooves 78-85 mm wide by 85-92 mm long. This would be the boot that would be the best fit for both of your pony’s hooves. This is not a therapy boot, but it can still offer a lot of protection and support, and you can add one of our comfort pads for extra cushioning to help your laminitic pony.


  1. My mule is a retired carriage mule from the French Quarter, New Orleans. He came to me four years ago, foundered & with a severe case of white line. We have tried EVERYTHING, internal & external. A few months ago we pulled his shoes & ordered the EZ boot cloud for both front feet. The first day I put these on him, he walked off, almost sound! Needless to say, with good hoof growth & a nutritional change, & don’t forget the boots… he is like a bull wanting to get out of his stall now! We still have some growing out to do, but I cannot say enough about the EZ Cloud boots & the difference they have made! Thank you all, so much!

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