Customer Question:

Could you please advise me as to the best placement for studs on the Fury Sling for winter riding? A photo of the boots with studs would be very helpful. I have the smaller quick studs to use. Way too much ice this year!


There are four quick studs in each of these Easyboot Gloves.

There are no exact placement requirements for studs on any of our products, and no stud placement guidelines specific to each boot style.

As long as you keep the left and right side of each boot the same to maintain balance, you can pretty much place the studs however you’d like. You can apply anywhere from two to ten or more studs in each boot. Where you place the studs and how many you apply depends on your unique situation.

Six quick studs in an EasyShoe Performance.

We recommend starting with just two studs per boot. Apply one on the left and one on the right towards the heel of the boot. From there, you can always add more if it looks like two studs aren’t providing enough traction.

And don’t forget to pick up our Quick Stud Application Tool if you’ve never applied quick studs before!

Quick studs are versatile, easy to use, and cost effective. They will definitely help your horse move more confidently on all of the extra ice this winter.




  1. I appreciate this explanation and the photos, but the tread pattern is different on the Fury boots and the treads leave very little room to apply the studs. I hope the treads hold up to the strain of the studs.

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