We wanted to share a success story that our customer, Cristy Courtney, shared with us recently. She really put the Easyboot Glove to the test!

Dear EasyCare,

Thanks for turning this skeptic into a believer. After watching many videos about the Easyboot Gloves, I decided to take the plunge and give them a go. I live in Kentucky. Our terrain varies and is very different from your promotional videos that show desert/dry terrain. Kentucky has a lot of mud and rocky terrain, so I decided to test the Easyboot Gloves here myself.

Ranger in the creek

Our creek has a sandstone base and it produces deep, sucking clay and mud. This will be the most extreme terrain I ride through. Mostly I ride on wide trails with river rock and dirt. I have shod my horses all of my life, so I wanted to put a lot of stress on these boots so I could see how well they really work.

I tested four different boot brands over multiple days in deep, sucking, mud and clay. I tried Renegade Vipers, Scoots, Easyboot Gloves (both the 2016 style and the Soft style), and Flex Hoof Boots.

The BEST boot that stayed on through the deep, sucking mud was the Easyboot Glove 2016. The Gloves did not collect debris in the boot or gaiter. These boots did so well that I am going to try them this spring and see how well they work.

Starting out I was a little nervous about how the Easyboot Glove Softs fit Ranger’s hooves. They were a little loose. I packed the Easyboot Glove 2016s just in case. I AM REALLY IMPRESSED WITH THESE BOOTS!! The rubber Gloves were not needed as the boots stayed on and never had an issue!

Once back at the barn, there was a little debris in the Velcro on one boot strap, and some sand was stuck in the Velcro teeth. NO ROCKS OR SAND DEBRIS were in the boots, and there was no pastern buildup. These boots not only stayed on, but also kept everything OUT of the boot, even when they did not fit 100% perfect. I will place power straps on the boots and that will help with the looseness. So far, Gloves have tested the BEST and have shown me the most promise! More tests to come; normal trail riding experiment next!!

I live in a shoe world where many do not believe in the boot process. It was hard to know if the boots would work for me, and I had no one I could bounce ideas off of. Now that I have done these tests, many of my friends are interested and watching my progress to see how spring riding goes. After testing two horses over the course of many days, the Easyboot Glove was the best boot.

If I could design a boot, the only thing I would change is the Glove shell by making the rubber more flexible, like the Flex Hoof Boot from Finland. The flexible rubber with the Easyboot Glove neoprene gator would be a boot combination out of this world!

Thanks again and I have enjoyed pushing my comfort level as this is a new thought process for me! Cannot wait to hit the trails as soon as the rain stops!

Happy Testing and Trails!????
Cristy Courtney