Sometimes we receive calls here at EasyCare that “he keeps pulling his front boots off” or “his hinds ripped the gaiters on the fronts.” There are some issues that can affect a horse that will cause these problems.  One of them is forging, and it happens when the hind toe makes contact with the heel of the front hoof on the same side.  The reason for this is often found in a front leg that is too slow to get out of the way of the hind leg.

forgingThere are many reason for forging. These reasons can vary from horses that are tired, old, or even a young horse that has just gone through a growth spurt. Another cause is that if the horse is experiencing pain or fatigue, it may adjust the gait to compensate.

Ask your hoof care practitioner to assist you by improving the timing of the gait. He/she should be able to facilitate the speeding up for the breakover of the front hooves and slowing down the advance of the rears. Trimming of excessive front toe length will help.  A shorter toe will increase the overall breakover. Any EasyCare protective hoof boot can even be lightly rasped to square off the toe of the boot. It may take a little time to correct this gait problem, but work with your barefoot trimmer and be patient. If you do not have a hoof care practitioner, please go to our EasyCare Website, go to the bottom of the home page and click on Hoof Care Provider. Enter your zip code and all providers in your area will be displayed.

Or call our friendly, helpful customer service representatives at 1-800-447-8836 and we will be very happy to help you.

Dee Hoime


Customer Service

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