What’s life without a little variety? I’m talking big movin’, big footed, big boned, big headed kinda variety. I recently agreed to take on a project for a good friend. The “project” is actually not much of a project, but seems to be more of reward at this time.

Meet Breve, also lovingly known as Moose Jaw, a 7-year old Shagya gelding. He’s tall, dark and handsome in a rough kinda way, but there is something else there. He seems to be a special guy, and I am excited to get to know him. While we’re getting to know him and re-working his feet a bit, we’ll call it Project Moose.

octA test ride in the pouring rain, he was a very good boy.

Of course the first thing I look at any more is feet. While in the past I have always been drawn to a pretty face, lots of chrome and the “wow” factor, I have lately begun to realize there is more to it than all that! Through the experiences of several horses with difficult feet, one starts to feel like things could sometimes be easier. This is where a good overall shape to the feet can become an obsession when considering a new prospect. Luckily, this gelding has nice feet that will transform into beautiful, albeit LARGE beautiful feet in no time.

feetHoof quality is great, no real flares, just a good trim needed. He is also very correct, although standing funny, and has great bone!

What I see right now are feet that are in need of a little makeover. He appears to be naturally high on the insides of both fronts, and has the typical need of a toe-ectomy that most “pasture trimmed” horses have. These bad boys will be easy to fix.


Left foot slightly trimmed, right not yet touched. 


High on the inside. We’ll start scrubbing with Dawn and do a few White Lightening soaks to clear up any thrush that’s causing the butt-crack effect. 


Same thing on the other. Can’t wait to start treating and trimming!

Because the wind was blowing at approximately 265MPH this afternoon, I very barely skimmed the surface. Took down a little medial wall, dipped the quarters a tad and backed up the toes slightly. Did I mention it was windy? I quickly ditched my trimming efforts to watch the frisky fall ponies romp in the cool afternoon instead.


This weekend, after buying a new rasp (holy crap I didn’t realize how BAD mine is until using someone’s new one last week!), I plan to fully trim those big old feet. He measures into a size three – yes, I said that right – THREE (!) Easyboot Glove, which are on the way. However, part of Project Moose is to ride him barefoot as much as possible to develop rock-crunching bare hooves this winter.

What are your winter projects?

‘Till next time,
~ Amanda Washington
SW Idaho