This video was shot in the Hansen Dam Reservoir on Big Tujunga Creek, about twenty miles northeast of Los Angeles. The terrain is very challenging: the fire trails are mostly decomposed granite, the creek beds are dry, sandy and rocky in the summer but there is plenty of water in the winter when the rains come. Throughout the year there is always some water to cross so protective hoof boots are always subject to the wet.

In 2010, I rode over a thousand miles in the reservoir and the surrounding fire trails of the Angeles National Forest. I did it using a single pair of Easyboot Gloves on the fronts. Those Gloves lasted the entire year. This video was shot in May of 2011. In the video, my mare, Kitty, is wearing Easyboot Gloves on all fours.

My horse is a 14 year old Thoroughbred mare, who has been barefoot for six years. She is a classic example of a Thoroughbred who had flat, shelly, flaky feet, thin soles and poor walls. As the ill-informed like to say, "typical Thoroughbred feet." She also had a tendency to stumble. Well, not any more. She has thick soles, thick walls, great concavity and terrific laminar connection. And no more stumbling!

I have used EasyCare products since going barefoot. Many thanks to EasyCare for producing this great equipment. 

I am perpetually amazed at what these animals give us day in and day out. This video speaks for itself.

Thank you, Randy Oglesby



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