Submitted by Team Easyboot member Karen Bumgarner

When I help people fit new Easyboot Gloves on their horse I often get horses that are between sizes. I always suggest using power straps to take up the slack and refine the fit. The usual reply is “Oh I don’t want to mess with those. Besides, they just add color.”  People can dress up the basic black boots with pretty power straps, others use different colors of straps to identify their boots, but the power straps really are much more than an ornament or bling.

The power strap holds the “V” in the Gloves together, then when it goes on the hoof, it stretches out slightly and tightens the fit just as elastic would hold your pants up. It adjusts itself to just the right amount of stretch so you don’t have to really do anything other than put the boot on the horse.

The power straps tighten up what could be a loose-fitting boots.  Power straps boost the performance of the boot because a snug fit means a dependable fit.

The hooves on The Big Brass were neglected and misshapen and so he was challenging to fit in any boot. When I began using power straps with the Gloves, the fit improved dramatically. Power straps enabled Brass to keep his boots on all day at the City of Rocks endurance ride. This is what the power straps were intended to do. But if you use them for bling, that’s a great choice too. Either way, they are a wonderful and useful accessory for your Easyboot Gloves.