If you have EasyCare boots in stock and would like to dress up your arrangement a little, we still have some point of purchase(POP) displays available.  These easy to set up cardboard displays look great on a counter top or end cap.  With eye catching graphics and the ability to hold an assortment or combinations of 8 of the follow boots… Gloves, Epics, Bares, Easyboots or Grips, they are a great way to highlight the EasyCare hoof boot line. 

If you don’t have a POP in your store, give us  a call at 800-447-8836 or shoot us an email at bmueller@easycareinc.com and we will get one headed your way.  Only one thing sells faster than EasyCare hoof boots… that is properly merchandised EasyCare boots!

Brian Mueller


Director of Sales

As the director of sales, I am responsible for identifying new dealer opportunities and building on existing relationships to foster ideas and create additional growth.