Below is a video we found on YouTube of Stephanie and her barefoot horses Teddy and Con Man playing in the snow.  Here's what Stephanie has to say –

"Con Man is doing great!  Way better now than on this video filmed yesterday.  His first break was because we removed his front shoes, and after 2 weeks of getting used to that we put him in a pair of Old Mac  protective horse boots, and his front hooves are AMAZING!  I was jumping and galloping on the trails, and we were getting some nice roundess as well but then his hind shoes were threatening to come off along with a chunk of his hoof so we took the hind shoes off as well.  Today he's walking normally, so when another pair of Old Mac's  arrive in the mail I can get right back to riding him!  My guy is great in his Old Mac's so he will compete and train in all the way.  See how well Con is doing in his new boots!" 

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Post by Shari Murray