This week’s photo was taken at the Moab Canyons endurance ride in late October 2009.

We traveled to Moab so that Garrett could ride and compete for another best condition award for his horse Cyclone, who wears Easyboot Glove hoof boots. Cyclone got the Best Condition award on Day 1, recording a very impressive total of 9 BC’s in 2009 alone! This was another great example of the success of horse hoof boots in endurance rides in 2009.

It was very cold and cloudy when we arrived, with gusty winds and a dusting of snow. The temperature was in the twenties and dropping as the sun went down, but that didn’t stop Garrett from helping other riders fit and apply EasyCare Boots to their horses’ barefoot hooves in preparation for the race the next day. In this photo he is applying one last set of Easyboot Gloves before turning in for the night.