For this week I chose a photo of the hoof boot that started it all: the Original Easyboot. While the new Easyboot Glove and Glue-On boots represent the cutting edge in hoof boot development, the original Easyboot remains a popular choice for riders of all disciplines.

The incredible success we’re seeing with natural hoof care and hoof boots today owes a lot to this product. Our success also owes a lot to the people behind it: its inventor, Dr. Neel Glass, and EasyCare President and CEO Garrett Ford for taking up where Dr. Glass left off and continually pushing hoof boot technology to new levels.

Gabriel Luethje


Graphic Design

As the graphic designer and photographer, I am responsible for the design and implementation of all of the EasyCare visual marketing materials including website, blogs, catalogs, brochures and packaging for our products.