Pete Ramey- That's My Horse #3News flash: Pete Ramey has just released his third DVD in his fantastic That’s My Horse series. In this DVD Pete addresses a Belgian Draft with "all too typical" flared, split walls that can’t support the horse’s weight. These series of DVDs are designed to help hoof care practitioners apply the basic protocols described in Under the Horse and Tools of the Trade on specific and complex cases.

Pete starts with classroom theory, then heads out to the field. Watch each trim as Pete works to grow in well-connected, solid hoof walls over time.  A thicker sole, steeper stronger heels/bars and a thick functional frog are produced along the way. Watch the trimming changes over time as healthier material is produced.

DVD highlights include:

  • Maneuvering under a draft horse
  • Special considerations for draft horse hooves
  • Dealing with thin soles
  • Hoof boots for draft Horses
  • Growing out large wall flare, cracks, splits and shelly walls as well as identifying and addressing lamellar wedge
  • Anti- fungal treatment
  • Diet


The following before and after photos make it hard to dispute these amazing changes and how effective a good barefoot trim can be.

Draft before 1


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Debbie Schwiebert


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