Ivy and Pete Ramey put together this 2-disc DVD to teach equine professionals and barefoot hoof horse owners how to select and maintain horse hoof trimming tools.   

Using demonstrations on cadavers and live barefoot hoofs, it shows you how to succeed with glue on horse boots, barefoot hoof epoxies and casts, pour-in pads, impression material and cast/hoof pads combos.  It will teach you how to put a razor-edge on barefoot Trimming knives, loop knives and nippers using files, diamond stones and Dremel tools. 

Another excellent two part video of Pete’s is That’s My Horse-Parts 1 and 2.  In this series Pete takes you through the management of a Barefoot horse with the Horse Hoof Problem navicular.  These videos will take you through a series of steps including the fitting of both Easyboot Epics (or you could use Easyboost or Easyboot Bares) with Hoof Pads and Easyboot Gloves

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