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Just in time for Christmas, Pete and Ivy Ramey’s, That’s My Horse DVDs #1 and #2 will be available through EasyCare.  In fact, they should be available next week!  Whether you are a pro trimmer, do it your self-er or just know one, these DVDs are a fantastic gift to give or receive.  What a great way to increase your own or someone else’s abilities in natural hoof trimming. It’s the perfect solution to those winter days that are much too cold to trim or ride.  Grab a hot cup of coffee and hunker down for some fantastic instruction in the comfort of your home .  If you don’t already own it, watch Pete’s, "Under the Horse" DVD first before venturing to the others.  This DVD contains sixteen hours, yes, 16 glorious hours of the stuff every barefoot enthusiast should know.  Then move on to other more specific studies.  At EasyCare not only can you pick up all of Pete’s DVDs, we also offer other handy horse hoof trimming tools like the Hoof Jack and hand gloves that have great dexterity; perfect for trimming.  So make it easy on ole Saint Nick and send him to EasyCare where there is no better place for one stop Christmas shopping and you too can have Pete join you for Christmas!