EasyCare is proud of our long-standing relationships with some of the largest, most respected, equine care companies in the world.

This month we would like to introduce Kristen Lacy, the owner of The Distance Depot, located in Peculiar, Missouri.

I pretty much grew up on a horse, showing and trail riding with my parents for many years. As an adult I trained horses and managed large, private, show farms, as well as competitive trail and endurance facilities. I ended up training with a two-time USA world champion endurance rider, before starting an internet store in 2005.

Horse Lovers Outlet was born. My husband, Kent, and I then purchased The Distance Depot in 2006. The EasyCare line of hoof boots, Stowaway saddle packsEZ Ride Stirrups, the Hi Tie Trailer Tie System, and other accessories were all a major part of our business. Kent and I purchased the Shear Comfort line and the Easy Ice Boot line from EasyCare several years later.

Back when I was training, we always carried an Easyboot, just in case we lost a shoe during a training ride or competitive event. We gained a great deal of knowledge as to how to fit a hoof boot properly and how beneficial it was as an everyday tool.

The Distance Depot is now a premier endurance and trail riding store. We have helped fit thousands of customers in performance, pleasure, and therapy hoof boots, as well as the EasyShoes that Easycare has developed.

A local veterinary clinic near our store in Peculiar, Missouri, sends their customers to us to purchase the Easyboot Zip for abscesses. This boot makes it so much easier to care for abscesses; it replaces the need for tons of diapers and duct tape. If we need to order in a particular boot style, or a size that we don’t have on hand, EasyCare quickly sends these items straight to our store.

We have worked with the EasyCare staff for so long, many of them feel like family. They are a great support system for our business. We can always count on EasyCare’s innovation and product lines to grow and continue to be on the cutting edge of technology. We know EasyCare will do what is best for the horse and the hoof.

Should you need assistance, or have questions about which boots might work best for you and your horse, feel free to reach out to our staff at www.thedistancedepot.com or e-mail us info@thedistancedepot.com. Better yet, give us a call toll free at 866-863-2349.

Thank you, Kristen, for sharing your story with us. We value the support and partnership we have with The Distance Depot. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.