EasyCare is proud of our long-standing relationships with some of the largest, most-respected equine care companies in the world. We hope you enjoy the second of this special monthly blog series. 

Riding Warehouse originated with the creation of Long Riders Gear in 1996, a catalog-based company in San Luis Obispo County that sold gear and apparel primarily to endurance and long-distance riders. The company began its digital transition with a website in 1998, and, like many companies, was entirely e-commerce by 2007. In 2012, Long Riders Gear joined forces with Sports Warehouse to create the newest branch of the company, Riding Warehouse. Shortly thereafter, it expanded its products to serve not only endurance and distance riders but all English and Western riders, further evolving alongside an already loyal customer base of equine enthusiasts. 

Our #1 focus – in every single aspect of the business and by every single department – is customer service. Because we’ve had the privilege of a tremendously loyal and growing customer base over the years, we strive to keep the customer in mind at all times, going the extra mile for them at every opportunity. We also listen to our customers’ requests, needs, and feedback, and adjust accordingly. 

Since endurance, distance, and trail riders have historically been a large part of our customer base, EasyCare products have always been a natural fit for our company. We appreciate that EasyCare offers an abundant range of the most popular hoof boots in the world, stowaway saddlebags, HiTie systems, and endurance stirrups to keep our customers and horses comfortable on those long rides. Most importantly, they stand behind their products, just like we do here at Riding Warehouse. 

Recently, our unmatched customer service was illustrated yet again. A customer called who was in need of boots immediately because he was out on a pack trip and one of his horses had lost a shoe. He did not know what size the horse needed, so we walked him through the measuring process, then found an EasyCare boot that was the closest match. We shipped the boot overnight to the trail stop nearest him. He was able to obtain the boot the same day it was delivered, and it was a perfect fit!

It’s always great to work with a company whose values align so well with ours. When the end goal is the same, company partnerships thrive. This has truly been the case between Riding Warehouse and EasyCare.

Thank you, Riding Warehouse, for your continued support and partnership over with EasyCare since 2002! Looking forward to many more.