EasyCare is proud of our long-standing relationships with some of the most respected equine care companies in the world.

This month we would like to introduce Dr. David Byerly of Byerly Veterinary Services, located in Rosamond, California.

I have been in private practice for the past twenty-one years. Currently, I operate a single-doctor practice where we treat a large volume of equine patients, along with the occasional ruminant. There was a time when Byerly Veterinary Services was a multi-doctor practice, but I have chosen simplicity in recent years. Today the practice consists of my wife and myself. Practice itself has never been simple, though. There is a lot of variety in my cases that keeps the job interesting. I enjoy everything from solving lameness issues to airlifting horses off of mountain tops.

I have seen a multitude of hoof-related lamenesses during my tenure in practice. The most common issues I see are laminitis and palmar heel pain. Traditional steel shoes, even when expertly applied, are not the best solution for every horse in every situation. I have been familiar with EasyCare products for many years, but the advent of the Easyboot Cloud initiated a shift in my utilization of the EasyCare line. The Cloud has become an integral part of my treatment program for laminitic horses. The immediate comfort this boot provides is essential to reducing the inflammation in a laminitic crisis. The Easyboot Cloud has earned a permanent place on my vet truck.

For many years, a large roll of red duct tape could be found on my vet truck. Many valuable minutes were spent applying this tape to a patient’s hoof, only to be promptly removed by said patient. In other instances, my duct tape bandage would be applied with instructions to be removed for soaking and re-taped to the hoof daily. Days later, on the return visit, much to my amazement, the same bright red duct tape bandage would still be on the hoof. By this time, the hoof had worn through the bottom of the bandage, and it was never changed. Enter the Easyboot Zip. This affordable boot not only saves time and aggravation, but is also amazingly robust. Most boots last long after the intended treatment time. I have since found other uses for my duct tape.

My experiences with the EasyShoe Flex and the EasyShoe Versa are a little more personal. My journey with these shoes began seven years ago with my extremely sensitive Arabian mare, Fay. Fay is the type of horse who will complain about a cinch being slightly too tight, or the shoe not having enough rocker in the toe. After many exhaustive attempts with traditional shoes, I began looking for an alternative and I landed on the Easyshoe Flex. The Flex provided the correct amount of stability and flexion while remaining easy to shape with the use of a grinder. Fay has been sound and in great shape over the past couple of years with the use of these shoes.

I recently switched to using the EasyShoe Versa. This shoe still provides Fay with the support she needs. The lack of steel in the heels has made her even more comfortable than she was in the Flex, though. Several of my clients now utilize the Flex and Versa and I am seeing substantial improvement in these horses with palmar heel pain, chronic laminitis, and pedal osteitis.

As we press on through this interesting time of healing animals and trying to stay healthy, I appreciate everything in my practice that simplifies my life. I continue to improve the quality of the lives of my patients as well as my own horses and look forward to the next twenty years of my career.


Thank you to Dr. Byerly for sharing your story. We value the support and partnership we have with Byerly Veterinary Services. We look forward to working with you for many years to come. 

You can reach Dr. Byerly at www.byerlyvet.com.  Email byerlyvetservice@yahoo.com or call 661-992-4343.


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