by Jordan Junkerman, EasyCare Product Specialist

The widespread adjustability of the new EasyBoot Fury line made it an instant hit with hoof boot lovers because it allows unprecedented flexibility for the range of hoof shapes it can accommodate. Even so, a small number of hoof shapes need an extra bit of modification to retain the best fit possible. Below are two examples of unique hoof hurdles and creative solutions to getting that perfect fit for your equine partner.


Difficulty #1: An Unusually High Heel Set and/or Prominent Heel Bulbs

The Solution: Go One Size Up on Fury Heel Sling

My personal horse, Pistol, is half-Arabian. We’ve covered many miles together doing competitive trail riding, so I boot her for gravel road training as well as for competitions that require more than ten miles of riding in one day. Therefore, she currently sports higher heels than normal, along with prominent heel bulbs that did not allow the Fury Sling to sit correctly over her heel bulbs even on the highest setting. 

If the Fury Sling is not sitting correctly over either the heel height or the heel bulbs, even on its highest setting, purchase a spare Fury Heel Sling one size up from the horse’s true size. 

Remove the two side screws and two screws holding the sling into the heel counter.

Apply the new strap.

To create a higher angle, position the side screws closer to the heel. To create a lower angle, position them closer to the toes.


Difficulty #2: Large Hooves With Small Pasterns

The Solution: Fury Heart Modifications

First, make sure the heel counter is far enough forward to hold the toe snug against the front of the boot. 

Then, punch a hole further up the straps where they connect to the boot. 

Finally, move the two heel sling screws to the shorter position.

You have now successfully adjusted your boot to accommodate larger hooves with smaller pasterns.

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