I have the biggest sook on earth when it comes to feet. Girly would rather trek 20km out of her way than go on stony ground for a few meters. I live in a very sandy wet area and we can ride her out barefoot most of the time so it hasn’t been a huge problem. She has never been shod.

When it was time to take her on holidays for a 5 day ride, 20km per day through some of the rockiest ground in the country, I knew we would have to boot her. These worked superbly and we had a great time with Girly moving as freely as if she was on cotton wool. They not only protected the underneath of her hoof but the outside as well from the bigger rocks. I can’t adequately express the relief of having the boots work so well on such a sensitive horse. We are going again this year and am so looking forward to it!

Name: Joanne Vine
E-mail: vineyard66@bigpond.com
City: Tarpeena, SA
Country: Australia
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Old Mac’s