When fitting the main webbing strap on the Old Mac’s G2 protective horse boots, make sure the strap is snug but don’t over tighten around your horse’s pastern. You should be able to comfortably slip a finger between the strap and the pastern. Fastening the main webbing strap in this manner will prevent rubbing.

If after fitting your Old Mac G2 boots you find the inside pastern strap has insufficient length to properly secure, then you have selected boots too small for your barefoot horse . This is the result of the horse’s hoof being too long for the boot. The horse is standing on the soft rear of the protective horse boot instead of being completely on the TPU outsole and this will lead to premature wear to the outside soft leather rear of the boot. The pastern strap has insufficient length to secure properly. The correct size boots should have a minimum of 80mm or 3 " of strap passed through the metal loop and secured over on itself. If you have less than 60mm or 2" of pastern strap Velcoed over on itself we recommend you try boots at least two sizes larger.

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