Sometimes we just need to stop and smell the flowers.

Time goes by quickly and it is easy to forget our “older” things. I have a crate full of these dusty old EasyCare hoof boots sitting out in my barn. Remember these?

With all the upgrades and new hoof boots that EasyCare has come out with to make our lives easier, why would we still need and or use these?

Recently, I attended a multi-day endurance ride in Skull Valley, Arizona. I saw a couple riding together, and on their horses’ front hooves, were plain Original Easyboots. I did a double take, looking for gaiters, tape, foam but they were just on those hooves, plain as day.  I did not get a chance to talk to them, but wondered why they would use these boots as opposed to all the other tested and tried endurance boots. After thinking a while, my conclusion was that these boots worked for them.

I still have my Original Easyboots in that crate in the barn. If one of my horses has a hoof issue, I dig them out. They are perfect for protecting a graveled hole, putting/keeping Ichthamol on a healing abscess or just protection for tender soles while in turnout.  I particularly appreciate the bonus of the boots’ easy design feature of cleanly coming off if the horse gets silly.  Old reliable indeed!

Sabrina Liska