The Shoein’ Shop is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation for 37 years. Lee and Charlotte Green are the owners; however, their daughter, Audrey, plays a vital role in the day to day operations. Lee Green actually started shoeing horses when he was eleven years old, so he has been working with horses for over 50 years. Shoein’ Shop is a horseshoe supply business and they work with many other horse supply businesses around the western states. When you walk into their store, you’ll find that they can supply anything that you need to accommodate hoof protection.

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Shoein’ Shop started working with EasyCare in January of 2009.  Back then, they carried a few of the more popular Easyboot styles, but in the last few years they have begun to supply major horseshoeing supply companies in Germany and have found that the EasyCare boots and products are hugely popular. Because of this, their sales have increased tremendously. They are now purchasing every style of EasyCare boots and most accessories.

Audrey states that she sees the barefoot industry not only expanding in the United States, but she sees this industry exploding internationally.

For more information, visit the Shoein’ Shop website.