Beth’s Western Wear, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, became an EasyCare dealer on April 4, 2012, placed their first order on April 10, 2012 and opened the doors to their new store in May of 2012.  Since that time, they have done so well and placed so many orders that they have achieved new pricing level status through EasyCare in six short months.

Beth states, “Before we even opened our doors, EasyCare was on the top of our list as products that we wanted to sell in our retail store. We like to carry products that we have tried and believe in and the Easyboots are, by far, the best!” They have, personally, been using EasyCare boots for four years.

Beth’s Western Wear carries the Easyboot Glove, the Glove Back Country and, of course, accessories such as Power Straps and Gaiters. Beth says that her best seller is the Glove Back Country because it works best for customers that maintain a six week trim cycle. However, the Glove is always her first suggestion for those customers on a four week trim cycle. She says that she loves the sleek design and the “no nonsense” easiness of the Glove. Beth’s Western Wear maintains a Fit Kit in their store for fitting customer’s horses.

Beth’s husband, Steve, is a barefoot trimmer. After years of frustration with one of their horses hoof issues, they just knew there had to be other methods. They started searching for answers and came across one of Pete Ramey’s books, which started Steve on the path to becoming a trimmer. They found that within a couple trims, the same horse that was having the hoof issues, was back up and running. He was sound again and acting like a four year old, which is great because he was seventeen at that time! Steve has been trimming their own horses for four years now and they both say that they will never go back to putting shoes on for any reason. Beth says there is not a place that they have ridden in the United States, from the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming to the thick mud of the Shawnee National Forest, that the boots haven’t provided great protection for their horses. She said the first pair of Glove boots that they purchased for their TWH, Diamond, had approximately 2000 miles on them before the toe wore through. And, they only had to change the gaiters one time on that set.

Beth feels that their most successful marketing strategy is using their products. She said people see them out on the trail and they always ask about the hoof boots. People see that the boots work and that there is no reason for metal shoes. In fact, when packing for a trail ride, they always take their Fit Kit with them in case someone wants a fitting right away and they always carry brochures.

Steve and Beth own two Tennessee Walkers and two Missouri Fox Trotters. All of their horses are barefoot and they all have their own sets of boots. Beth’s personal favorite is the Glove.  Steve and Beth have been in the horse industry for over seventeen years and are avid trail riders, traveling all over the United States.

Beth states that she has watched the hoof care industry even more closely over the last four years and feels that huge steps have been taken to educate horse owners on hoof care and protective hoof boots. She feels that hoof boots have gone from “clunky” to very stream lined and very user friendly. She said that in the last couple of years, they have watched more and more people rethink putting shoes on their horses and letting them go barefoot with the help of boots.

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