Dear Chris,

Just writing to let the team there know what they’ve probably already heard a million times: The Easyboot Gloves are unbelievable! I got myself one pair to try on my mare (even though you advised otherwise with her barefoot hoof measures) and I’m baffled! Even without the power straps they stay on like they were part of the horse hoof itself! I did the “test drive” over rocks, gravel, cobblestone streets, asphalt, mud, knee-deep water, galloping up an almost 40º steep mountain and at the end, when I took them off back home, not even sand inside! Just a bit of dirty water.

The grip is also much much better than the Boa Horse Boot, but I think would still be better if you sculpted the thread with something more similar to the underside of the barefoot hoof: the lil concavity, the pointy heels, the pointy bars, etc. all those details work like a nice hiking boot: front thread points back, heel thread points forward, so you get great traction no matter if going up or down.

But best of all was really setting her loose on the outdoor arena (real hard ground with rocks and gravel), once I first put them on… Like Pete Ramey would say: she was “floating above the ground”! lovely suspension! And I always thought my mare was a typical flat gaited endurance horse! How wrong I’ve been!

I’ll try to get a video to show if you’d like. I really just wanted to add one more testimony to how great these boots are.

Thank you all,

Ana Maçanita
Agro-Macanita Lda.
Animal Health & Care Department

Chris Freeman


Accounts Manager

I am responsible for the accounting at EasyCare. My responsibilities require me to manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, receipt of inventory and international order processing.