The EasyShoe Performance can be a great option for more than performing. One hoof care practitioner and EasyCare dealer, Sara Hathaway, shared with us that it’s her preferred shoe for horses in rehab. Sara, the owner of 4 Hooves Hoof Care in Sugar Hill, Georgia, also likes the EasyShoe Performance for horses transitioning to barefoot or horses in need of some extra grip and traction.

Sara says the EasyShoe Performance is “the only shoe that allows independent flexing of the heels, proper airspace for compressed corium, frog support, adjustable breakover, all without metal.”

Along with the EasyShoe Performance, Sara will also use the Easyboot LC and the Easyboot Glue-On “for certain rehab cases that need more sole protection. These boots work well for horses that will benefit from additional materials such as felt pads to encourage sole generation.”

Sara was kind enough to share a couple of her recent rehab cases with us.

Case 1

This mare had extremely thin soles with bruising and compressed corium. She found immediate comfort and heel-first landings after the first application of Performance shoes. After two shoeing cycles, she was comfortable enough to return to barefoot and now walks across gravel with confidence! 

Case 2

This is a rehab case for crushed, underrun heels that’s still in progress. We’ve achieved straight heel tubules and tight dorsal wall growth coming in at a proper angle using the Easyboot Glue-On. A flexible wedge was placed inside for improved boney alignment, along with thick felt for additional heel support and sole generation and a generous amount of impression material to support the digital cushion. 


Thanks for sharing, Sara! It’s great to see examples like these of EasyCare’s performance boots and shoes working so well for more than performing!