Submitted by Sue Basham, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

I blinked and the summer-that-wouldn’t-get-here is over! Cooler temps, golden pastures and colorful aspens reign supreme. With shorter daylight hours I’ve had time to reflect back on the summer’s activities. My trip to California to ride the Western States Trail Ride, aka the Tevis Cup, was once again the highlight of my season. Kismet Cognac, a 3 time Tevis finisher, was my partner. We arrived in Auburn a week prior to the ride so KC had time to settle into her home-away-from-home pen and we had the opportunity to ride the last miles of the trail. By doing so, KC knows exactly where she is and where she is going when we arrive after dark on ride night.

Its so wonderful how EasyCare supports the riders by providing a special team to glue our boots before Tevis. In 3 prior Tevis I’ve never lost a boot and I have so much confidence in their reliability and the protection they offer that its just one less thing to think about while on the trail. A quick peek at the vet checks is all that’s necessary.  Needless to say, I was excited to meet the new EasyCare Elite Glue Team!

KC’s group of gluers included Christoph Schork, Deanna Stoppler and Pete Van Rossum. What an awesome professional team! They worked together well as Christoph, who often trims and glues KC’s boots at other rides, shared his insight into her hooves. It was interesting for me to hear the three of them discuss technique and share their expertise as they worked to give my mare the best possible boots.

KC and I had a great time out on the Tevis trail. Since this is her fourth time over the trail she really knows where she is going. I swear she knows the location of every vet check and I depended on her savvy to get us where we needed to go. She is so confident in her EasyCare Glue-On boots … look at her trot along that rocky trail! It was the best most fun ride ever!

Bill Gore Photo

Well the rest is history. We trotted the finish at 1:19 AM in 20th place. Our 4th completion as a team, all in EasyCare Glue-On boots, and a good showing at the historic 60th Anniversary Tevis. I’m so proud of my partner Kismet Cognac.

Dominique Cognee Photo

Thanks EasyCare for your help in our successful completion!