My name is Jordan and I have recently joined the EasyCare team. I graduated in December 2015 from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science. My desire with this new degree was to work in a career where I can improve relationships between animals and their people. This brought me to EasyCare where I get the best fit for me by being able to assist fellow horse enthusiasts to have the best riding experience they can by providing ideal hoof support and function through barefoot trimming and booting.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I was raised in Durango, Colorado and as soon as I was done with my college education I moved back immediately. I have been working around horses for most of my life. I have been involved in 4H, pony club, horse judging team, and showing with local associations. When I couldn’t ride horses I was doing everything I could to be at the barn and work around them. In school I took hands on classes to continue learning and being around them.

At New Mexico State University I had many educational classes that pertained to lower leg structure and function of a horse. I had heard of barefoot trimming but had never personally experienced anything other than steel shoes. Knowing how the foot functions best made me realize how much steel shoes inhibit that function. EasyCare has opened my eyes to the benefits of barefoot trimming and hoof boots. I am ready to spread the word and help others see the benefits of this style of hoof care.

I am making the first steps towards getting my new project horse, Pistol, barefoot ready. I don’t want to simply be an employee here. I truly believe in the product we provide the equestrian world. I want to stand by it and stand in it, proving that EasyCare is all that we claim it to be. I look forward to helping others find what is best for their horse to give them happy, healthy mounts to enjoy for years to come.