Two of EasyCare’s most popular pleasure riding boots now have an optional accessory for extra reliability while crossing water or deep mud or while going for a sprint down a straightaway. If you’ve had an experience of your Velcro giving way on your boots, never experience it again. The EasyCare Snug Strap buckles around the back of the boot where the Velcro is secured. This simple design has proven to provide peace of mind and reassurance that the boots are not coming off.

Larger boned horses sometimes present larger heel bulbs. This may interfere with the ability of the Trail or Back Country from having the Velcro entirely overlap across the back of the boot. In this case, it is necessary to apply the Snug Straps.

Similarly, horses with underrun heels might have had trouble fitting into this boot style, until now. The protrusion of the heel bulbs on horses with heels of this category may not fit entirely into the Trail or Back Country. Although the Velcro is not closing entirely across the back, you may ride without worry once the Snug Strap is fastened.

Maybe you have an Old Mac’s G2 boot and the leather strap that buckles in the back is wearing. The EasyCare Snug Straps can now replace that part of the boot so that you are not left with the disappointment of tossing your boots that are otherwise in fair condition.

The Snug Strap is built from leather. To install this to your boots, you will need a leather hole punch and a screw driver. Each Snug Strap is sold individually and comes with all the necessary hardware for application. If you'd prefer, the skillful EasyCare warehouse crew will install these to your boots for you at the cost of $10.00 for labor per boot.

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Mariah Reeves

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As one of the customer service representatives, I am happy to help get your horse into the right boots. I promote holistic methods of equine care and will assist you with finding the perfect fit for horse and rider.