Submitted by Leah Cain, Team Easyboot 2016 Member

The National Championship 100 miler was a good day for me and my gelding OT Dyamonte Santo. He had been well prepared with plenty of conditioning and good, consistent hoof care.  We applied my favorite boot for 100’s and multi days, the Easyboot Glue-On. We applied the Glue-Ons after the normal prep with Adhere on the hoof wall and Sikaflex on the sole. The ride had some great footing but also some really rocky, I mean sharp rocks upon sharp rock sections that I knew we would do at least a few times. I felt it very important to have plenty of concussion support and protection from those nasty rocks. I find that protection in the Glue-On.

The ride started out very fast. We knew the course so I let him pick his path and I made sure he didn’t go too fast. I rode all day with Pam Bailie and junior Anya Levermann. What great riders and great company!  Monte pulsed down immediately every time we came in to the vet check and vetted out with A’s so I knew he was doing well. He kept up the pace all day!

We left three minutes before the next riders at the last vet check. Monte knew he was headed home and took off at a full on gallop!  I was so thrilled I was crying as I let out a “YeeeHaa!!!!” and got out of sight.  When we finished first feeling great, I knew we had a REALLY GOOD DAY!

The next morning Monte looked like he hadn’t done a thing and his legs where cold and tight. Great sign and a tribute to the awesome Easyboot Glue-Ons. Monte trotted out great, looking loose and fluid in his stride.  We received the Best Condition and won 1st in the National Championship!

Many, many thanks to EasyCare for all your support. What a wonderful EasyCare family that I belong to. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the best hoof boots available out there! You ROCK EasyCare!