Have you struggled to find a boot to fit narrower hooves? EasyCare has a great solution for long narrow feet-the Old Mac's Inserts. These are shims that Velcro into either side of your New Mac or Trail boot to take up to one half inch of space within the boot. They are sold in a set of four and are quick and easy to apply.

This is an excellent choice for a horse just coming out of shoes as the hooves often get wider over the first several months of transition. In many cases, you can purchase one set of boots to carry you through a fairly significant change in hoof shape.

Optimizing the fit of your hoof boots will prevent twisting on the hoof and rubbing, as well as improve boot retention. If you ever have questions about fit, give our friendly customer service team a call. We are here to help and are always happy to share tips and tricks to make your booting experience the best!

Rebecca Balboni


Customer Service Representative

A lifetime of riding and showing sport horses has given me a deep appreciation for the importance of soundness and comfort on performance. Let me help elevate your equine experience by finding the right boot for your horse and uniquesituation.