Left: Ang and Womble. Right: me and Argy. My Trails are under that mud somewhere.

My Easyboot Trails have served me well, they have stayed with me through thick and thin mud, rough and smooth ground, up and down hills. When the terrain got tough and the ground went hard I turned to my boots the most. They didn’t fail me, it was over the tarmac roads with gritty loose stones the trails offered the best protection for my heavy ponies thin flat soles.

I don’t use boots all the time: I do enjoy riding barefoot and like to judge based on route or hooves if I boot. It is great to have the choice – a Plan B sitting on the shelf so there is never a day he can’t be worked.

Sometimes the time comes and like all horses’ tack, you need to show it a little love. Getting the brush out and looking after the Trail boots doesn’t take long. Once the mud is dry, it simply brushes straight off. The Velcro just needed some hairs to be pulled out; the soles of the boots had a little wipe with a damp sponge. A very quick tidy reveals the boot like new underneath. This will keep the boot working to its best.

One down, one to go.

Close up photograph, hard to believe how well the mud brushes off.

Both Trail boots done! Look how well they scrub up.

Submitted by Terrin Turner, Team Easyboot 2012 Member