PG is an 11 y/o mare with severely underslung heels, thin soles & long toes. She has worn shoes & wedge pads for most of her life, until beginning her barefoot transition in Oct. 2007. It has been a long haul through a variety of boots and situations, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. She began in size 2 Epics in July 2008 and was lightly ridden on the trail and used for roping calves in the pasture. By fall, she had moved onto size 1 Bares. Summer of 2009 brought a cutting clinic in May and a friend that is an Easyboot dealer set her up with a pair of size 00 gloves. She wore the gloves for the 2nd day of the clinic and for every ride for the rest of the summer (including 4 days of trail riding in the rocky trails of NE Iowa). We returned to the show ring in September 2009 at an Iowa Ranch Horse Association show and competed in the cutting and roping, both wearing her gloves. I have been very happy with their performance in the arena, the pasture, gravel roads, and trails (mud, muck, rock & water!). Looking forward to a bright future. Shelly & PG

Name: Shelly Hagen
City: Watkins
State: IA
Country: UDA
Equine Discipline: WesternArenaSports
Favorite Boot: EasybootGlove