I have found my perfect hoof boot in the Glove! It has (almost) everything that i need:

Easy to apply and take off. And very easy to clean after the ride.
Stays on through different kinds of terrain. I ride in the woods every day, and I meet both mud, sand, gravel roads, wet leaves, and in the winter snow and ice as well, and never lost a boot as long as I use the power straps on the “not perfect fit”-hooves.
Good traction. The possibility of applying studs in the winter
Light weight and “discrete” looking, and the horse takes no time getting used to the boots – no heavy clumsy boots for me, thank you!
Different shapes and sizes. Looking forward to the new wide version.

A suggestion for improvement: I would love the glove to have reflective strips on the gaiter. Not for looks, but for safety in the dark.


Name: Karina Krabdrup Kjær
City: Hjallerup, Nordjyllandm Denmark
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove

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