My perfect Easyboot would make winter go away when I rub on it! Oh wait that’s Alladinn’s lamp, silly me!

Karen B

Actually, the perfect hoofboot would be easy to put on, simple, durable and not rub. It would allow my horse to move freely and protect his hooves from bruising in a lot of rocks plus giving his traction at the same time. It would have a great fit and stay on!! These are the reasons I love the Easyboot Glove! The lack of hardware allows my horse to move naturally without interfering. I have gotten 600 miles on one set of Gloves which is amazing!

How would I improve the Glove? Well it’s pretty hard to improve upon success! My perfect hoofboot would be quite round like the natural hoof often seen on a wild horse, they wear with a well rounded almost square toe. And this is the way my horse’s wear their boots over time, they square off the toe. I think Easyboot Gloves are the best thing out there!

Ride far and have fun with your horse!!

Name: Karen Bumgarner
City: Parma, Idaho, United States
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove

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