Lightweight, fairly easy to put on the hoof, comfortable for my horse, economically priced, and it would last at least two years of trail riding.

My mare Reba foundered in 2005. Not your typical founder…. she just seemed “off” and sore a lot. Her front hooves had hollow areas where the laminae had pulled away from the hoof wall. I was told I could put her down or try to save her. I chose to save her, and thank goodness I did! The vets resectioned her front hooves which was very painful. When I brought her home I kept her in a sand stall.


We tried all kinds of corrective shoeing to help her, but nothing was working. Then I came across an ad for natural trimming by Ida Hammer, who also sells EasyCare boots. I couldn’t believe the difference the boots made in Reba! They allowed her to move around, thus increase the blood flow to her feet, which made her hooves grow!

Reba has since gone to college with my daughter, where she was used in reining. I ride Reba as much as possible, and when I go down the trails, she has her Easyboots on!

Name: Peggy Geiger
City: Milan, Illinois, USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Epic

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