I want my boots to be easy to put on and remove yet stay secure and comfortable on my horse’s feet through rocks and sand and water and over ice and crusty Colorado spring snows. I want them to be durable and affordable. I think I have found just this in my Easyboot Gloves.


I have used boots off and on through the years but have found others needing really strong hands, tools to adjust or kind of heavy and a bit clunky to manage the terrain we cover. I loved the Fit Kit! I am SOLD on the Glove! Thanks so much for making winter rides possible here in the Rockies while not having to have dangerous metal shoes that slip on ice and don’t let my horse’s feet rest.

Name: Bonnie Olson
City: Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove

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