My relationship with Star started in 2008 when I began riding her out for a friend. I made the decision fairly soon after buying her to have her shoes removed and have had many moments of doubt since. Unfortunately, I live in an area dominated by the hunting fraternity, and it feels as though I constantly have to defend my decision to keep her and my other mare barefoot.

I signed up for a four day long distance ride in August and my doubts about her hooves increased ten fold. That’s when Star’s hoof trimmer suggested I buy a pair of hoof boots. I bought a pair of Easyboot Edge hoof boots and we haven’t looked back.

Easyboot Edge

They stayed on through bogs and rivers, over rocky terrain and on the beach. They didn’t rub and after a brief stint of walking like John Cleese from a Monty Python sketch, she adjusted well to them.

Out of 35 horses on the ride, she didn’t have a moment of lameness or hold everyone up due to a loose or thrown boot. There were no overreach or brush injuries sustained and she had no less grip on wet grass than any of the other horses. It felt like a huge victory and she was a fantastic ambassador for barefoot/booted horses. I also rode her the entire way in a Dually halter. Gasps all around!

I am glad that I’ve stuck to my guns and Star is so comfortable in her boots. I’ve really noticed a difference in her out on hacks, aided also by the lack of a bit. My advice to anyone is to trust your instincts and listen to your horse and sometimes less really is more!

Name: Saraan O.
City: Merthyr Tydfil, Cardiff, Wales
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Edge