Written by EasyCare Product Specialist Kat Tarnowski

I recently had the opportunity to install a Power Strap to a Easyboot Glue-On. We had boots, screws, Power Straps, vice grips, and a wood burning tool laid out and ready to go. Here’s what I learned from my first experience.

First off, the process was more difficult than I had imagined. And we probably should not have done it out in the barn under winter weather conditions. The Power Straps and boots are more pliable when warm. We didn’t think about that until it was too late. Oh well, on we go.

You will need to make the holes in the boot larger than you might expect. I had to use the wood burning tool multiple times to keep making the holes larger. I highly recommend using something like a wood burning tool, as this made it very easy to make the holes.

Once the holes are finally big enough for the screw to go through, you will need a pair of vice grips. These help hold everything together and prevent the washer from spinning when you are trying to tighten the screws down.

I was finally able to secure the first side of the Power Strap once the holes were the appropriate size. Learn from my mistake and don’t tighten it all the way down immediately. The Power Strap is supposed to go straight across to the other hole and NOT at a weird angle. Oops! I loosened the first screw and re-positioned the Power Strap. I thought surely we were in the home stretch. How hard can it be to attach the screw on the other side?

This turned out to be the most difficult step for me. I felt like I needed a third hand. Luckily, my colleague was able to help. Lora helped squeeze the front cuff of the boot together so I could place the vice grips where the top of the V now overlaps (see photo). This only took about four tries to make the vice grips hold and stay put.  Then I was able to attach the Power Strap to the other side of the boot. Once I was able to get the screw started and attached, I moved the vice grips to hold the washer steady for the final tightening. I tightened down both sides and had a more experienced colleague check that everything was good to go.

Overall takeaway? Applying a Power Strap for the first time is no easy task. My colleagues assured me that it gets easier every time you do it. I do feel more confident explaining the process to customers, since I’ve struggled through it myself. EasyCare would love to hear what tips y’all have for applying Power Straps!