What do these items have in common? They are great for improving minor fit issues but they are not miracle workers. Just as pantyhose will not allow you to squeeze into a dress that is two sizes too small, Mueller’s Tape and Power Straps will not keep a boot on that is two sizes too big. When I talk to frustrated customers who continue to have issues after investing in these items, I often determine that the boot was the wrong size to begin with. The customer service team is here to help and it’s always best to contact us first with any questions or concerns regarding boot fit. There are times when these accessories are lifesavers but the fit needs to be close to begin with.

Jetta Solar

Solar view of Jetta’s wider than long hoof.

Kathy Webb contacted EasyCare wanting advice on which boots she should use for her mare Jetta (The Jetta Journey). Jetta’s hooves are well maintained and they are very round to the point of measuring slightly wider than long. They were also small. A  fter seeing the solar view of one of Jetta’s hooves, it was clear that she would likely work best in one of the wide sizes of the Easyboot Glove. At this time the smallest wide is size 0 which accommodates a hoof that measures between 114mm-117mm in both width and length. We have found that hooves that are slightly wider than long tend to work better in the wide sizes than hooves that have the same width and length. When in doubt, it is best to contact customer service at 1.800.447.8836.

  Gloves without power straps.

Jetta wearing size 0W Gloves.

After seeing the photo above it was clear that the right hoof had a better fit than the left which had a small space between the hoof wall and the boot. I was concerned that the left hoof would be more of a challenge to fit, however I was hopeful that Power Straps and Mueller’s Tape would be possible solutions for Kathy and Jetta. As is often the case with boots, the only way to know for sure is to use them. Kathy installed power straps and reported back that they were a success. The boots stayed in place with no twisting or boot loss. The Mueller’s Tape was not used this time, however that is always an option if you want additional peace of mind on a challenging ride.

Jetta with power straps installed.

0W Gloves with Power Straps installed.

Alayna Wiley