This week we wanted to spotlight this small-but-mighty roll of tape. Mueller Tape can be applied to the hoof wall before putting on an Easyboot to provide extra staying power when a tighter fit is needed to keep the boot firmly in place on the barefoot hoof.

This post here has some great pictures and instructions for applying Mueller Tape to your horse’s hooves.

Mueller Tape can be especially useful when your Easyboots are just a touch too loose after a fresh trim, or before a challenging ride. They can also allow you to use Easyboot Glue-Ons without any glue! How handy to just stick on a glue-on shell with this tape when you need it and not have to worry about any messy glue!

Fun fact! Last year, the use of Mueller Tape on the Easyboot Glue-On was approved by the US Equestrian Federation for use during Dressage competitions! Read more about that here.

This video shows an EasyCare Product Specialist attempting to remove a well-fitting Easyboot Glue-On from this hoof that had orange Mueller Tape applied to it. The staying power that this tape provides is no joke! (Please forgive the long pony tail in the video!)


  1. Did Mueller tape change at all? There was some discussion a while back about it being less sticky, so I haven’t re-purchased.

    • The Mueller Tape has not changed. However, it can be less sticky in colder temperatures, as well as in humid/wet conditions.

  2. I have been using Easy Boots for years on my OTTB and Paint horses. I hated that my mule had to wear shoes due to a defect in her hoof wall. But this spring it looks like she will finally be able to go barefoot and I just measured her for her own Easy Boots.

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