have tried regular Easyboots on Thunder and he rips the front ones off with the hind feet and leaves them laying in the dirt. Repeatedly. He strides right up under himself and forges, shearing off shoes or boots. I tried the Bares but wasn’t that happy with their ease to go on. Then I got the Epics. I could keep the Epics on his fronts but fought with rubbing. Grrrr. Thunder wasn’t happy either, going along with ears half back and just not traveling free and easy like he normally does. Then as the ride season neared, the iron shoes went on because I didn’t want to keep retrieving lost boots or fighting possible lameness from rubs. Now I have Gloves for all fours. Wow! He moves like he is still barefoot! Strides right out and wants to go! He forges just a little, I can hear an occasional thunk as they hit, but he isn’t tearing anything up. So far we haven’t lost a boot or obtained any rubs. But the fact that he is forging less really makes me happy and determined to keep using the gloves. Everyone thinks they are great and I let my friends try them but Thunder’s front feet are bigger than their horses. Maybe because I barefoot him as much as possible and used boots for 6 months last fall through spring. I am hoping to keep using them right through the first ride I have planned, Tough Sucker 75! And if I am lucky, all year!

Name: Karen Bumgarner
EquineDiscipline: Trail
FavoriteBoot: EasybootGlove