EasyCare offers a range of Vettec products for various applications in regards to maintaining a barefoot horse.  EasyCare recommends Vettec Adhere for gluing on the Easyboot Glue-On shells, we also offer Equi-Pak CS for use as a sole packing with the Glue-On boot.  In addition we offer Sole-Guard, the application gun and mixing tips.  Proper care of your adhesives can save you time and money.  They are a fantastic tool but care must be taken to use them correctly for optimum performance.

I covered some of these things a few weeks back but the following video gives some great additional pointers.

Now it’s time to get gluing!  Gather up your hoof boots, and tools; follow the guidelines, make note of these tips and watch Garrett Ford, the owner of EasyCare show you how it’s done.