Martin Todt with his pride and joy Miss Kitty tells us of his great experiences  once he began practicing natural hoof care and started using protective horse boots.

Soon after I purchased Miss Bear Cat (Kitty) 10 years ago as a Western Pleasure Show horse, she was diagnosed as having navicular syndrome, though x-rays showed no real damage. We went through all the typical pads, egg bars, bute but nothing seemed to change things much.

In time Kitty became my trail horse and we enjoyed our Sunday morning rides within the limits of her ability. She would weave left and right down hills, tread cautiously and slowly on hard ground. Eventually she would not stand to be shod in the back because of the difficulty bearing the weight on the front during the process. So Kitty became barefooted in the rear using Easyboots for trail riding.

I found great interest in reading the stories of barefoot horses and navicular syndrome on the EasyCare website and decided a few months ago to give Kitty one last chance to heal naturally. In three months Kitty had almost fully recovered. She stood squarely, did not point and she allowed all of her legs to be held and trimmed.

In her Easyboot Epics front and rear we are off every week for a fast paced trail ride outpacing the horses she always trailed behind. I truly believe that she is passed any problem she has had and I know we will be back at the shows this fall.

Thank you Easyboots. Seeing her in no pain was worth all of the effort!

Posted by Marcie Mendoza