It’s been about a year and a half since I first laid hands on the Easyboot Glove. Early Spring of 2009, I was introduced to what I believe is the most revolutionary boot ever created. Of course I say that now. Back then, while I was intrigued and appreciated many aspects of the boot, I was very, very skeptical. There was no way this boot would last for miles and miles! Surely it would rub on a long ride. My horse travels too big, surely they won’t stay on.  

Fast Eddy

My big, goofy boy, Fast Eddy, sporting Glue-Ons up front and Gloves behind. This was my first ride with Easyboot Gloves/Glue-Ons. It didn’t go so well, which gives me perspective 🙂

We gave the boots quite the workout. My horse, a huge and even huger-moving National Show Horse, was tough on boots and my learning curve was substantial. But we worked through it. Then came the thin-skinned princess. By that time, the "new" gaiters were standard and the incidents of rubbing caused by the gaiters heard ’round the world were minuscule, but of course, I went back to my thoughts – these boots certainly won’t work for us at endurance rides! Well, wouldn’t you know. 

It is now nearing the end of September. Replika has now done five 50/55 mile rides, including two back-to-back days, in nothing but the Easyboot Gloves. No glue. No drama. Just a little tape, for good measure, and some powerstraps which I shamelessly admit are used to tie together our whole color scheme. I’ve glued boots twice this year for an 80 and 100, which is vastly different than gluing boots for every.single.ride. That was last year. This year, now this year Replika and I have been liberated from the time, hassle and expense of gluing boots for all of our rides, and that feeling is awesome!


Replika on Day 1 at The Pink Flamingo Classic. Lotsa climb, lotsa water and lotsa performance from our Gloves! Steve Bradley photo

At every ride, I see more and more riders using the Easyboot Glove. While some are still going through the curve and experiencing different issues associated with figuring it all out, it seems that most are finding success. The only way to learn is to do. And ask. Find someone who knows the boots and who’s used them on several different horses, most of us are very willing to help. But most of all, keep an open mind. You’ll never know what lies just around the corner, unless you keep on going. 

Keep on learning! Keep on doing!

~ Amanda Washington
SW Idaho