Submitted by Sue Basham, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

Easyboot Gloves and Glue-On shells have taken the worry out of one aspect of competitive riding for me. I like that my mare has bare hooves most of the time yet I don’t have to worry about hoof bruising no matter what terrain we cover when training or competing. Gloves are my go-to for everyday rides and training. Glue-On shells are my go-to for most competitions. Fortunately, I cross paths with Christoph Schork (Global Endurance Training Center) at many of my endurance competitions and I always make arraignments ahead of time for him to glue on my mare’s boots.

Sometimes people complain that they lose boots (of all brands) but I have yet to lose a Glue-On boot. Meticulous hoof preparation and boot application are key to successful Glue-On boot use. Christoph and the EasyCare Elite Gluing Team at Tevis are very particular in following the EasyCare protocol. I learn a lot watching them apply KC’s boots!

Early in June KC and I traveled to the City of Rocks ride in Idaho. Christoph glued her boots on Thursday and we rode the next three days through some pretty spectacular country. KC won and BC’d the overall 155 mile Pioneer! I credit her Easyboot Glue-Ons with protecting her hooves as she traveled all those miles.

Our next ride was the Strawberry Fields Forever Pioneer in Utah just 2 weeks later. KC’s boots were still firmly glued on and we did all three days through lots of rocks, bogs and mountainous terrain. Once again KC had the fastest time over 3 days/160 miles and received the Pioneer BC. Her boots did a great job and provided superior protection for her hooves in tough conditions. Its so nice to not worry about hoof bruising or losing a boot.

I was curious how KC’s boots would look after more than 360 miles through the mountains. When I got home I was pleased to find all of them still firmly attached although a bit worn. The bead of Adhere at the top was a little ragged but after all the miles, mud, rocks and downfall, I thought they looked pretty good! You can see how much her hoof grew during those 3 weeks so it was definitely time to take them off (EasyCare protocol recommends removing the boots after 10 days at most).

The bottoms of the boots, although worn, still had adequate tread and I never felt any slipping on the trail.

She did wear through the left front toe so it looks like I have a trimming issue to address. All in all I am very happy with how the Easyboot Glue-Ons performed!